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Interior Design


Platform & Operating System (MacOS vs Windows)

The Interior Design major requires a Windows computer. Course software is not supported in the MacOS environment.

Computer Specificaitons

In order to complete their coursework, students will often find it necessary to use computers in their residence, around campus, in classes, or when meeting with project groups. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that students purchase a laptop as they will be disadvantaged without one.

The use of netbooks, chrome books, tablets, iPads, or other low-end systems as a primary device are strongly discouraged. A desktop computer is also discouraged as it will create an undesirable limitation on the student's productivity.

A student studying this major will find that a computer that meets the following specs will be suitable for their major:

Models sold at TechZone that meet these requirements are found at the end of this page. More advanced models can be found by selecting home at the top of the screen.

TechZone recommends a primary computing device with a full-featured Windows operating System. Chromebooks, iPads, and some entry-level Windows devices are not sufficient for all needs across the University but can be used as secondary devices.

Software Recommendation

The university provides the Microsoft Office365 suite of software, in both online and locally installable versions, plus the equally paramount Adobe Creative Suite, at no extra cost. The result is that potential employers know our graduates will have experience with these two industry-leading platforms.

Office 365 is a service, available to all faculty, staff and students at Illinois State University. It allows you to:

Need assistance installing Microsoft Office? Visit TechZone Service Center in the Bone Student Center for in person assistance or watch the following video: Windows

Adobe Creative Cloud is available to students, request access at Adobe at ISU

Software used in the Interior Design Major includes:

Additional Information

For detailed information, the College of Applied Science and Technology recommends that students reach out directly, so that the appropriate faculty/staff member can assist individually. Contact links are below:

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